TVIG has been contracted to perform development and construction services for a number of wind projects. Outlined below are some of the projects that TVIG has successfully constructed or that are under construction.




Size (MW)

Voltage (Kv)




Project: Astra Wind

State: Texas

Year: 2017

Size (MW): 163

Voltage (Kv): 345

Utility: Sharyland / ERCOT

Turbine: GE 2.4-107 MW

Developer: Chermac

State: Texas

Year: 2008

Size (MW): 143

Voltage (Kv): 345

Utility: TXU

Turbine: GE 1.5 MW

Developer: Airtriciy (E.On)

State: Texas

Year: 2009

Size (MW): 115

Voltage (Kv): 345

Utility: TXU

Turbine: GE 1.5 MW

Developer: E.on

Project: Laurel Mountain

State: West Virgina

Year: 2010

Size (MW): 91.5

Voltage (Kv): 138

Utility: Allegheny Power / Manpower

Turbine: GE 1.6 MW

Developer: AES

Project: Wolverine Creek

State: Idaho

Year: 2005

Size (MW): 64.5

Voltage (Kv): 161

Utility: Pacificorp

Turbine: GE 1.5 MW

Developer: Invenery

Project: Highmore

State: South Dakota

Year: 2003

Size (MW): 40.5

Voltage (Kv): 69

Utility: Basin Electric Coop (PPA) / Otter Tail (wheel)

Turbine: GE 1.5 MW

Developer: FPL (NextEra)

Project: Buffalo Mountain

State: Tennessee

Year: 2004

Size (MW): 27

Voltage (Kv): 161

Utility: TVA

Turbine: Vestas V-80

Developer: Invenergy

Project: Munnsville

State: New York

Year: 2007

Size (MW): 20

Voltage (Kv): 115

Utility: NiMo / National Grid

Turbine: Clipper

Developer: BQ Energy/UPC (First Wind)

Project: Steel Winds II

State: New York

Year: 2011

Size (MW): 15

Voltage (Kv): 115

Utility: NiMo / National Grid

Turbine: Clipper 2.5 MW

Developer: First Wind

Project: Pantex

State: Texas

Year: 2013

Size (MW): 11.5

Voltage (Kv): 12.47

Utility: Xcel Energy

Turbine: Siemens 2.3 MW

Developer: Siemens Government Technologies

Project: Kimball

State: Nebraska

Year: 2002

Size (MW): 10.5

Voltage (Kv): 34.5

Utility: Kimball (muni)

Turbine: NEG Micon

Developer: Municipal Energy Agenty of Nebraska (MEAN)

Project: Pioneer Grove

State: Iowa

Year: 2012

Size (MW): 6

Voltage (Kv): 69

Utility: Alliant Energy

Turbine: AW116/3000

Developer: Acciona

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